Monday, November 5, 2007

Before The Wedding (FE4)

In Taiwan, the style of the wedding has leaned towards the Occident traditional wedding form, but with some difference. For example, if one couple is getting married, it is very meaningful for two families to become one family. Before the wedding, the man and his parents will go to the woman’s house and ask her parents to allow their marriage. After getting their approval, they start to prepare their wedding.

There is one thing different from Occident, which is that our parents are involved with our marriage details. People have to discuss each wedding detail with our parents; most of the time, parents take charge of each trivial part. However, sometime, the couple might be broken because their parents have opposite opinions.

There is another thing different from Occident, which is that people usually spend a lot of money and time to take pictures for memories. Couples go to a wedding studio and wear the beautiful bridal veil to take more than 100 pieces pictures. In their wedding, the album will be put on the table in order to share with everyone.

One interesting custom is that people who join their wedding party should give the couple money to bless their marriage. On the one hand, everyone has the responsibility to share the cost of the wedding breakfast.

Compared to the Occident traditional wedding, I think the Orient wedding has a significant value for two families. Each tradition that we should follow leads the couple to prepare to be one.