Monday, November 5, 2007


In the modern world, people are living in a digital world because people use more advanced technology such as the digital camera, HD TV and electric utilities. If these technologies are used together in a house, there will be a new innovation. It is a perfect house that consists of automatic facilities. In the house, it will have its own master who is the electricity manager. There are many touch screens at every part of the room in the house. It can control the whole system of the house. People just touch the button or screen of the machine. It can do what they want to do. It is so convenient for people to save their time. For example, if people get up later in the morning, they just put some words into the touch machine, and then the machine gets information to do it. After you dress up for a while, you will get your fantasy breakfast. In addition, the master manages your house so you do not have to care about your house or anything. It gives you a safe house and protects the lives of your family. For instance, if your house is on fire, the alarm of the house will be a warning and it will call the emergency number by the automatic machine. Finally, the prefect house gives your more conveniences and protects your life. In conclusion, modern technologies give people more advantages and they give people more conveniences.