Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Favorite Movie

Watching a movie is not really my preference but sometimes when you are in front of the TV, some program appears on the screen that attract your curiosity and you may need to find out what is interesting about that. This is what happened to me while I was watching TV with my big brother. He really likes movies and if it is interesting, he usually influences you to watch it for appreciating or discovering. That movie which became my favorite one since that day is "Desperado", by Antonio Banderas, from Spain. The first reason I like this movie is the Spanish language. I also like speaking this language; it is more likely to be a soft and smooth language. Moreover, the music sounds played from the movie are Afro Cuban, Latin American, like Salsa, Meringue and other styles of music from there that I admire so much.

In the story of the movie, I really appreciate the relation between Antonio Banderas and a lady called Salma Hayek (Carolina in the movie). They have escaped from all the attacks organized by Banderas's brother to kill them. In addition, some of the actions occured in the movie such as the arrival of Banderas's friends to help him face his enemies; and also one more thing that is interesting about that movie is that Banderas and his friends were the "el Mariachi" which means guitarists; they used to play guitar and sing well but inside their guitar case they had some guns hidden in it because they knew that everywhere they were going, people were after them in order to threaten and provoke them.