Tuesday, November 27, 2007



There are more than hundreds of movies that have been produced each year. From my memories, I would like to pick one of them to write about because it not only has a touching story but also the music is dramatic and awesome. It is “Les Choristes”.

The movie was produced in France in 2004. It talks about a small school in a small village of France that had many trouble students. Why people thought they were all “trouble” was because those students were wild, untrained, rough and did not study books at all. One day, the school had a new teacher. He gradually found out they had the talent to sing. Then, he started to train them.

This movie presents a serious question; it is most teachers love and like to teach good, smart, intelligent, and well-rounded students. For those trouble students, however, they always give up their eyes first meet each other. I like this movie’s story because it warns us that education should spread out to each single child in the world without asking their background. Besides, to find out students’ potential abilities would be another main point. Let us try to think about how there are so many crimes in our society. Obviously, the answer here is that most criminals were abandoned by the education at first and then were neglected by society. If we could save them from the edge of self-destruction before they feel frustrated and disappointed to the society, we do not need to pay so much in social resources. However, we should really care about our education, not just only focus on the subjects but also notice the students’ moral characters.