Monday, November 12, 2007

Fluency Exercise #5 Vacation

I want to go to Switzerland and New York if I have enough money to go there, because I heard that Switzerland has many beautiful cities and New York has many shopping malls. First, I want to take a train when I go to Switzerland because my friend said it's wonderful. Then, I'm going to go to many beautiful hotels and take a rest because hotels in Switzerland are very famous. Next, I'm going to go to New York after I finish my first vacation. I wish to see the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Also, I want to feel downtown life. I think that downtown is very crowded and complicated, but I'm interested in downtown. While I'm downtown, I'm going to go to many shopping malls. Also, there are many of my friends there, so I will meet them and play together. Finally, I will also go to a casino. Actually, I have never been there, so I hope to go there with my friends. Then, I want to feel Switzerland and New York's Christmas. I think that both of them have many festivals to enjoy during their Christmas. If I have more money, I will go to all over the world except the North Pole and South Pole.