Monday, November 12, 2007


I do not seem to quite remember it; a long time ago, I saw a drama. There was a saying in it: “In your whole life, you might not always live as well as you want, sometimes it was better than you expected, but how about when you are frustrated with it? Do not feel sad for it. Just treated it as a vacation, the one you have never had”.

If you asked every single person whether they wanted to have a long vacation in which there were no time pressures and no financial issue problems, the answer will be absolutely, “Yes”, because nobody wants to have frustration in our lives. Let’s forget about the frustrating things and focus on the long vacation.

Alaska, the most northern state of the United States in which part of it extends into the North Pole, is the Salmon fish’s home, and has mantles of white color over all areas in the winter and green in the spring and summer. It has been popping up in my dreams for several years and it is my best idea for a place to go. You can call it the last virgin place of the US as well. The extremely cold weather blocks tourists from visiting and the city from developing. It keeps the natural scenes as it was several thousands of years ago. You can see the glacier running among the mountains, icebergs in the sea with some animals lying on them, and ice cap on the mountains radiating different colors of light varying with the sun’s angles. Colorful northern lights will always occur in the nights of summer. Green grasses cover the big plains and decorate some yellow, white and purple flowers; animals run and have fun in it. The air is the cleanest you have ever breathed. Lakes are scattered everywhere and the water in them is so fresh that you can see through it to the bottom. Because it is also the Salmon's home, in every summer, all of the salmon will come back to breed their next generation. Humans and brown bears will have a salmon feast at the same time.

I am a person who loves natural life and am anti-urbanization. And Alaska is my dream place that I have not been to yet. No matter how far it is, no matter how cold if is, I will go to it in my lifetime, and hope Alaska will never be changed from what it was.