Monday, November 26, 2007

A Moment to Remember (FE6)

A Moment to Remember is my favorite movie. It is a Korean movie that was released in 2005. The hero and heroine are a newly wedded couple and just enjoy their marriage life. However, the heroine got Alzheimer's disease, which has been considered a genetic disease. Gradually, she forgot everything, even her husband.

Because she doesn’t want to be a burden for her husband, the heroine asked her family to send her to a nursing home and to be hidden in secret from the hero. However, her husband crazily tried to find her. Finally, the hero found her in the nursing home. But, she was completely forget him and tried to introduce herself to him. It is a sad movie with no end of happiness, although the heroine remembered the hero at the last moment.

The movie has touched my heart. If someday, my lover forgot who I was, what would I do? What can I do? Or, maybe I am the person who lost everything. In my life, there are some people surrounding me. They are my lovers who also love me. I don’t want to lose memory of them.

After watching the movie, I realized that the most important thing is not earning more and more money or getting a good renown. The most important thing is every moment with my family and friends. Because my grandfather was suffering with Alzheimer's disease, maybe one day I will forget everything just like the heroine. But I only do what I want to do at least and no regret.