Monday, November 26, 2007

My Favorite Movie (Fluency Ex.6)

I like watching the romantic movies. "If only" is a favorite movie which I watched. It describes about how a couple love each other.

The couple lived normally. The woman who wants a romantic love is violinist and the man who wants to success in business is a businessman. One day after fighting, she went out and died from a car accident and he saw that scene. The next day, when he woke up, he saw her and everything happened the same as yesterday. However, the man already knows how the woman will die. Then, he helps the woman to do what she wants. She made the song for him and he knew that she wants to sing a song for him. Then, after she played the violin in the orchestra, he made her sing a song with the orchestra in front of an audience. After that, he tried to prevent her death and he died instead of her.

I’m impressed because of their love. The power of love is marvelous. Even if the result was so sad, I realized the love is amazing. And I want to love like this movie. The movie touched me. I also like the song which was made by her and is named ‘Love will show you everything’. I believe that love can show me everything.