Monday, November 12, 2007

Why do some species succeed in being saved (by people) while others do not?


Why do some species succeed in being saved (by people) while others do not?

While humans are developing and striving, some creatures are depleting in numbers or have already been extinct for a long time. The reasons are that we have obtained resources from nature too much and neglected its recovering timing. When we were surprised that those species were disappearing in our environment, we started to breed and protect them. Somehow, we were not really successful to save them all. We failed and lost them for good. In my opinion, there are three reasons for this.

First, we have noticed too late those endangered and extinct species. On the other hand, some species were gone before we discovered them. We could not get at lease a couple of living creatures for breeding them the natural giving birth way. Second, our gene engineering technology is still on its way; it is not perfect enough, nowadays. Our scientists are still studying the gene’s function, and what the nutrition for gene re-creation is. Or you can say that, the gene engineering technology is not ready to play a main role on the stage. The gene engineering technology has still a long way to struggle. Environment will be the most important issue here. While we are capturing some high value animals and some others for some reason, we make their numbers reduce but we do not disrupt their living environment. Thereby, these species will still have a suitable environment to live in and have a next generation if we stop overexploiting and polluting our environment, and damaging them.

We always do what we do when we want to do in any time such as deforestation and capture wildlife. We always notice everything after we have already lost it. You might say it is because we did not have enough information. But in my view, it is just an excuse. We did not use the same sense as the Native American (Indians) – getting something from nature, one day you must payback to the nature. The only way to stop the species from becoming endangered or extinct is to stop damaging the environment; educate people to know how species are important to us and protect them; and improve our gene engineering technology on Recovery of wildlife is important.