Thursday, October 23, 2008


There are many different beautiful cities in the world. But if someone asks me to recommend a city for vacation, I will say Istanbul in Turkey, because this city is different from any other city. Because Istanbul is in Europe and Asia, for this reason it is different. If you want Istanbul you can see the Arab and Europe culture. On the Asian side you can see the Arab people and almost everything from Arab culture. And if you go to the Europe side everything is from Europe. There is only a bridge connecting between them and you need to drive three miles to cross the bridge.
Moreover, Istanbul is a very nice and clean city. There is not any kind of pollution; all the street is green from the trees. Also you can visit one of the important museums in the world, Istanbul Museum. In this Museum you can see the Islamic history and the Ottoman Empire. Also you can see one of the biggest Islamic mosques in the world, Sultan Mohammed Alfateh musk.
Finally, you need to visit Ayah Sofia Museum. This museum before was changed from a church to mosques and than a church. In this museum you see the mix between Islam and Christian. In this city you can see how the people live peacefully together without any problem. Let’s go to Istanbul .