Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wahidah Alsibiani

Global Warming

In his article, ”Animals ‘hit by global warming’,” Tim Hirsch discusses the threats of warming on the animals. He says that warming is causing a lot of changes in the lives of some animal species. Also, it changes the migration ways of some birds and other animals. Some animals adapt to this change by migration and others like the polar bears are disappearing because migration is not an available option. Even small changes in temperature can lead to dramatic effects on the wildlife and sometimes on the sex of some species. In my opinion, global solutions must be found to help animals to adapt to temperature change.

First of all, more animal organizations should be established to help some species to adapt. Governments and international organizations concerned about wildlife should work on having more institutions and employees to cover more endangered areas and help larger numbers of animals which need help as much as they can.

Second, industrial habitats for the endangered species should be built to have large numbers of threatened animals. Therefore, they can breed safely and assure their existence. In the habitats, good, safe, and proper conditions for breeding should be provided for animals.Finally, organizations and universities should make more studies on the impact of warming and what solutions can be offered to deal with the global warming problems. Intensive studies help people involved in the animal field to be more aware and have more solutions so they can deal properly with that they are facing.

In conclusion, solutions must be found and the world must search for all the possibilities which can reduce the threats of the warming. The dangers which the wildlife faces can affect not only the animals but our life too and people should care about participating in solving this problem. That means we have to work together for a solution.


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