Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nesting eagles add twist to battle with Wal-Mart

Summary Responsible#3

T.Blackwell (2008) article “Nesting eagles add twist to battle with Wal-Mart” the author shows us one of the threat that faces the eaglet . This kind of bird has trouble in life, and he talks, about the Wal-Mart problem, when they want build a parking lot for the cars. First, Wal-Mart wants to destroy the nest to build a supercenter. Second, the residents start an argument with Wal-Mart because they don’t want Wal-Mart to affect the eaglet. But the Wal-Mart officer said we just did it before; that means there is no problem. Third, all the agencies that work to protect the eagle will never let them do what they want to do. However, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman said we have an environmental engineer who can know everything about the environment. Finally, a wildlife biologist from Florida said it sounded difficult to do construction during the nesting season.
I like this article and I agree with some of the information in it. The reason that I read this article is the threat that faces to the nesting eagles. There are many good points in this article but I will talk about only two points, which are destroying the nest to build a new supercenter and agencies that protect the eagles.
First, destroying the nest to build a new supercenter is harmful for the environment. If every new business starts without looking at the influence of his business on the environment, it will be a threat for the human’s and animals’ life and specifically that of the eagle. That’s because cutting trees and destroying the nest makes the bird extinct and it harms the human. It is harmful for the human because will if decrease the oxygen from the earth and increase the carbon and this will cause global warming. Therefore, we must plant a lot of trees everywhere to save our earth.
Second, we need to support agencies that protect the eagles. If we support this kind of agency it will save the animal’s life and specifically that of the eagle. That is because, if we work together we can save our environment from the harm and we can help the eagle reproduce. But this work is not easy to do by the residents and this kind of agencies only need help from the government. Moreover, if all the countries and the organizations work together and make advertisements on the television and tell the people about the harm of cutting trees, it will help. In conclusion, agencies must work hard to save our lives and the eagles’ life.
Finally, it is not easy to save our environment from the harm that we can find in the future. But we can do it in many different ways, such as agencies that work to save the eagles life. And all governments, if they start to work together, they can save the eagles’ life and the environment. Moreover, we need to stop cutting trees everywhere. Let’s stop cutting trees and help the eagle reproduce.References:Blackwell,N.(2008). Nesting eagles add twist to battle with Wal-Mart.St.Petersburg Times.Retrieved October 28, 2008, from