Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Golden-Cheeked Warbler

Summary Response#2

In his article “Vanishing in the Wild: Golden-Cheeked Warbler,” the shows us the threat that faces golden cheeked warbler. This kind of bird is one of the birds that faces extinction. There are many different threats, but he lists a few and the solution for this problem. First, the weather change affects the Golden-Cheeked Warbler, because the weather changing affects the forecast. Second, cutting the forests to build houses and make land available for people to live there affects their ability. Third, the pollution affects them to live. Also, they are spraying chemical products to kill flies. Those influence the food source for the Gold-Cheeked Warbler. Moreover, the author talks about the solution of this problem. For example, in the U.S., it is illegal for anyone to kill or destroy the nesting-set for the endangered animals.

I like this article and I agree with the writer’s opinion. The reason is that the writer mentions one of the endangered animals and what it faces. There are many problems they face and ways we can fix those problems, such as cutting forests and pollution.

First, everyone knows that cutting forests is a big problem for our life. The reason is that forests protect us from desertification, and is not only for our life, but also for the animal’s life. For this reason, cutting forests is a big problem for the Gold-Cheeked Warbler’s life. That is because if we cut the trees in the forest, we will destroy the nesting sites for this bird. For this reason, we need to find solutions and new rules to protect this bird from extinction. This is not only the bird facing this problem, but there are other kinds of animals that face the same problem. In conclusion, we need to grow a lot of trees everywhere, not cut them, it because we will save the animals from endangerment.

Second, as we know many countries face a pollution problem. The pollution is not only affecting the people’s life, but also affects the animal’s lives. For example, the Gold-Cheeked Warblers face a difficult time with the pollution. Using chemical spray in the trees to kill different kind of flies without control, influences other animal’s lives For example, the Gold-Cheeked Warbler became in danger because many people used the chemical and made pollution. For those reasons, all countries need to find new solutions for the pollution problem because the pollution is one of the reasons that make global warming. And these affect the weather in all worlds. Therefore, we need to be careful when we use the chemical product, because it is dangerous for the environmen

Finally, we need to save the Gold-Cheeked Warbler’s life and other kind of animals from endangerment. If we want to save the Gold-Cheeked Warbler life, we need to find solution for many different things, such as cutting forest, since cutting forest is a big problem for this bird. And we need to solve the pollution problem in the forest by controlling chemical spraying. Also, the governments make difficult rules to save this bird and other animals. The reason is that the pollution affects the weather and the weather affects the animal’s life. For all those reasons, we need to protect the animal’s life all over the world. If we don’t try to fix this problem, our life will be in dangerous in the future. Americans, let’s go to protect the Gold-Cheeked Warbler.

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