Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The time when I am alone

Yunfei Zheng

People can not spend all the times together, because every person is individual, we need some time for ourselves to thinking about something or have a rest. In my country, there is a famous logion; it says that the distance between people create the beautiful. It is hard to understand because many people think that we should spend more time together to improve our relationship; the fact is if people spend too much time together, they will feel uncomfortable with each other. The solution is using our private time to thinking about our life. We don’t think it is a strange thing and even most of us believe that we must have the time.

The world is developing so fast, we use a lot of time to work or communicate with others, we loss something inside ourselves little by little. At intervals, we hesitate. So, let’s have a pause from the stress world. Today we come back home early, close the door and turn on the light in order to look at ourselves clearly. We find that the loss of the spirits. So, let us pick it up, we read some books, listening to the music, doing some interesting things which we want to have a try. We always find something new from these; we find the truth in life by this time.

It is hard to imagine if a person doesn’t have his or her own time for themselves, they can’t find the meaning for living on this earth. They work like a machine and live like dead person. In my life, I spend a lot of time being alone, maybe it is because I like psychology very much and I always try to find something from other people’s behavior, I also thinking about myself like how to make myself become better. So private time is a big deal for me, I can’t live without it and so do my country’s citizens I think.