Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wahidah Alsibiani

My Dreams

I have a lot of dreams that I hope to fulfill. In my life, I dreamed since I was young to become a woman who can change something. When I was young, I wanted to become an actress and a singer because I loved television so much. In the same time, I wanted to become a professor. I think child's dreams stayed with me while I was growing. I didn't become an actress because my family never encouraged me about it, and i didn't become a singer because my voice was terrible. But the dream of having a doctorate degree has never gone from my mind. I started to like math when I was in the secondary school. When I applied to the college, I chose medicine, but I haven't been accepted. I cried when I got denied from the medicine. I applied to the math department and studied my bachelor degree. I think this the best thing that happened to me. Math was my love and I'm happy that I didn't study medicine. I started my master degree in math and finished it with honorable excellence. After that I worked as a teacher in the same department. My dream was to be a professor. I wanted to continue my study and finish the doctorate degree that I have always dreamed. There were a lot of problems that were about to prevent me from this dream. My parent wanted me to get married instead of studying and I didn't want to till I get my degree. Also, I had problems with the admission process. But, finally I was able to come here to finish my degree. I believe that my other dream was to marry a good man and have kids, but my love to math kept that idea away for some time, but now I think about it and I want to finish studying then marry. Another dream is to write a book in math. I think this is the next thing I will think about after few years of my doctorate degree.