Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Life in Carbondale

My life in a small-town since I’m here in Carbondale, has been most of the time boring and with nothing to do. Where I am from, the people have a lot of activities to do in order to be busy and have fun. You don’t really need a group of friends or people around you to do something interesting. My life here in Carbondale is different, because the town is so small and alone you’ll get just a bring time. It is necessary to be with some friends in order to have something to do. In my home city, you can go to the beach, cinema, parks, rivers, mountains, and other amazing things easily. In comparison with this small town, you have to be creative to not get bored. The transportation service, like buses or taxis, also is really different. Here the people depend much on their cars to move to any place. There are scheduled buses and expensive taxis. This thing is really different from my city, because there the buses and taxi service is very fluent, and the most important, very cheap. For this reason, my life here has been a little difficult. I can’t go anyplace easily or to far places either. I have to walk long distances usually in order o buy some food and get other stuff. An other interesting and important thing is the meals; because here it is very difficult keep the habit of eating good and healthy food. Usually the good meals are expensive, and people have the custom of eating whatever kind of food, for example, fast food or foreign food. 

Adolfo Villadiego