Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hurricane..... Was It Dream!!?

Friday, May 8 is a special day, which I will never forget it all my life. The night before this day was terrible. It was a heavy rain, and bad thunderstorm. In the morning I went to the CESL office to get my classes scores. It was raining but I never knew that anything bad might happen. I took my friend to her house and suddenly we heard the alert. I didn’t know what was happening but I thought about my kids. They were with my neighbor. I went fast to my house and I saw the trees falling down and a lot of police cars driving fast. I was shocked and I felt like it was time to die. The one thing I wanted to do in that time was to call my Mom and hear her voice. I drove slowly until I arrived at Evergreen Terrace, where I live. At that moment I realized that everything was damaged badly and maybe I couldn’t see my kids again. I couldn’t enter Evergreen, because the falling trees closed the roads. I stopped my car beside the road and I ran to my apartment. When I saw my kids and they were fine I cried and gave them a big hug. They were so scared. The next day we left for St . Louis with all Saudi students. After we came back to Carbondale I saw groups of guys who worked hard to recover everything. They are really hard workers and they did a good job. I’m proud of these guys. Now Carbondale comes again as a beautiful town and I hope that never happen again any time.