Thursday, May 28, 2009


The major environmental problem is oil spilling in the ocean. The oil companies that are working in exploration and production are responsible for oil spilling. For example, the main causes come from the pipelines during production or distribution to storages. These have been the greatest pollutant for a large variety of ecosystems in marine environments. Furthermore, the effects resulting from this contamination have been reflected in reduction of marine biodiversity and people’s needs. The major problem for solving this situation are the Petroleum Companies who want to make business as quick as possible due to the oil demand and economic crisis. The investors are looking more and more for profits rather than ecology. The companies should conserve and protect the marine species. Although, there are some governmental policies about oil spills, but the companies don’t care too much. I think the rules should be very strong and severe, because it would permit the companies to develop the higher safety control technology. The Companies will get less profit if they have to pay high taxes for the environment. In conclusion, the environment problem is a global issue, and everybody has to take part in making a friendly and sustainable environment.


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