Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ahmed Alsalman Culture through Media, Last Report

The meeting with American students and people from other country was very useful. We were seven members in this group. We met seven times, and we talked about different topics. Therefore I learned many things regarding the culture and society.
The most interesting subject was about the holidays in the United States, and how the holidays are different from my country. For example there are several holidays in the last for three months. Halloween holyday is masquerade and how American people celebrate in this day by wearing strange dresses. In addition to that there is Thanks giving holyday in November and in the mid of December to the mid of January, there are Christmas holiday. People in Christmas holiday also celebrate in New Year and prepare and eat special meals. Also we talked about the relationship between the families and their relatives. Some people live with their relative in same region, while other live alone, also there are interesting thing regarding the kinds, when they grew up they separate, and far from their parents.
In addition to that we talked about the women in American society, how they work in different fields and share the men in all jobs. Also women can employ in a high position in the government. Also we talked about the pets, because most American people have pets in their home. Some people prefer to have dogs while the other likes cats. So now I feel that I know more about American society also I got much information about American people life.