Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Culture through Media, Last Discussion Report, (Ahmed Fadhil)

I learned many things from the meeting with American students this course. There are 8 members in my group, 6 CESL students and 2 American students. We spend six interesting weeks talking about several things and comparing between American cultures and other cultures.
There are five interesting things I learned which I considered the most interesting things. First, the types of food in America are different from the types of food in Middle East and China. The Pizza and fast food are the common foods in U.S. while there are different foods like rice, Chinese food, and Spicy foods. Second, the Weeding and its preparations are different. In America both families share the money spend in the weeding while in Middle East and china the man should pay every thing. Third, getting the visa of America is hard in some countries like Venezuela, while it's easy in some other countries. Fourth, Holidays in America is more than holidays in other countries. Some of these holidays are Thanksgiving Day, Easter day, Halloween, Memorial Day, and Christmas. Fifth, the family members in America are sometimes consisted from a single dad or a single mom or both of them, but this situation is rarely found in other countries.
In addition, we spend the last week talking about travelling, Funny movies, Religious things. It was very interested to know each members idea about these things.
In conclusion, The Culture through Media class is helped me to meet Americans and learn from them, also it is important to mention that I learned some of these things from other CESL members who are from different countries.